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Guidelines for Grange Leaders (Sesquicentennial Revised Edition ) (465)
The purpose of this book is to define and describe the duties and responsibilities of Pomona and Subordinate Master, Lecturers, Secretaries and appointed committees. This book is meant to assist in carrying out duties and responsible. Sesquicentennial Revised Edition was edited by Betsy E. Huber, National Master.
Grange Binder
Grange Binder 1-inch binder with Grange emblem
Grange Conference Songbook (601)
Replaces the patron, contains words and music for all songs in Grange ritual as wel as marches and other songs.
Grange Collection of Songs (600)
Booklet of songs ideal for Grange meetings and social events, does not include music
Digital Grange Songbook CD (605)
The CD features over 100 musical favorites for use in Grange meetings, programs, and ritual. Please note this is a CD-ROM and may not play on all traditional audio CD players. CLICK HERE OR LIST OF SONGS
Grange Memorial Service (902)
Grange Memorial Service book
Grange Pianist Songbook (604)
Pianist version of the Grange Songbook, spiral bound
Junior Grange Songbook (602)

Contains songs for Junior meetings and events.

Was $5.00 Sale price $2.50 Final Markdown price is $1.50

Case of 42 Junior Grange Songbooks for $36.00
Grange Deputy Handbook (1142)
No matter the size of your State Grange, Deputy State Masters/Presidents play an important role in ensuring that the structure of our organization remains strong. This new edition of the Deputy Handbook is an update to and replaces the last version published in 2001. It is intended to be a basic introduction to the duties of a State Grange Deputy and serve as a quick resource guide. Each State Grange may have additional duties or responsibilities for their Deputy corps, but this handbook created a strong foundation on which to build a larger team of state leadership.
Grange Drill Booklet (451)
A bridged version of the drill manual
Grange Pomona Manual (455)
Manual Pomona Grange
Digest of Laws of the National Grange (450)
Latest edition including Constitution and By-Laws in a vinyl binder
Music Kit (610)
The MUSIC KIT includes all you need to enjoy great Grange music at your functions. Includes (1) Digital Pianist Songbook, (1) Digital Grange Songbook CD and (1) Junior Songbook. CLICK HERE OR LIST OF SONGS
Subordinate/Community Grange Manual - FREE DOWNLOAD (454)


Grange Subordinate/Community Manuel is available by downloading it or you can order a printed version for $15.00 which includes a blue vinyl Grange notebook includes the Alternative Manual, Welcoming Ceremony, and Installation Ceremony. 2023 Edition.  
Bicentennial Year Cookbook (DIGITAL ISSUE ONLY) (ecookbook1)

A heritage of recipes from the kitchens and hearths of yesteryear cooks for the homemakers of today.


Available for download after purchase or by visiting

Family Cookbook from Country Kitchens (DIGITAL ISSUE ONLY) (ecookbook2)
Family Cookbooks from Country Kitchens


Available for download after purchase or by visiting
Glory of Cooking (DIGITAL ISSUE ONLY) (ecookbook3)
Glory of Cooking Cookbook


Available for download after purchase or by visiting
Grange Lift Up Your Hands Songbook (1034)

Songbook with 20 popular songs in sign language.

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Grange Songbook Package (603)
This new package of Grange Songbooks is available at a discount.  The package includes:
  • Grange Pianist Songbook
  • Junior Grange Songbook
  • Grange Conference Songbook
  • Grange Collection of Songs
Individually, it would cost $15.50.  Now on sale for $6.00 plus shipping

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