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Grange Adult Membership Brochure (COM106)
Grange brochure complete with adult membership application.
Grange E-Membership Brochure (COM108)
E-Membership brochure for electronic Grange membership.
Grange Declaration of Purposes (COM104)
Brochure featuring the general objective and purpose of the Grange.
Junior Grange Brochure (COM107)
Junior Grange brochure complete with membership application.
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New Grange Promotion Kit (COM117)
Grange Promotion Kit help you and your grange recruit new members Promotion Kit come with: (25) Declaration of Purpose brochures (15) Junior brochures (10) Youth brochures (25) Adult Members brochures (10) E member brochures (25) Recruiting brochures (25) Rip Card (25) A Grange Story Comic book
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Grange Rip Cards (COM112)
"Rip cards" - 4" wide by 6.5" high full-color cards that include information about the Grange and a short form you can use to gather infomation about prospective members. The card is perforated, with a business card size, detachable area that allows the potential member to take with them information about the Grange.
Grange Members Benefits Brochure (COM510)
Member Benefits brochure offering an assortment of benefits from discounts on rental cars to insurance.
Grange Youth Brochure (COM105)
Grange Youth brochure complete with membership application.
Grange Recruiting Members Brochure (COM110)
Brochure which features 4 steps to successful recruitment of new members for your Grange.
Grange Membership Rip Cards (COM113)
Membership Rip Cards are designed to help you and your members meet membership goals. These 4" x 6.5" high full color cards come with three different photo images. On the front is a membership pledge area, a place to write the name of the person you are planning to invite to join the Granges, as well as the photo, new tag line, and the Grange logo and motto. The back includes prompts for elevator speeches, and a ready-made postcard for the member to return to their Grange or State Grange detailing who they asked to join and the result or an area to include the person's contact information if they wish to receive more information about the Grange. Sold in packs of 25, assortment of all photos.
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