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Grange Annual Membership Card Book (410)
Membership cards in quantities of 25
Grange 6th Degree Membership Card (430)
State membership card issued at close of sixth degree
Grange 5th Degree Membership Card (429)
Pomona membership card issued at close of fifth degree
Grange Envelopes (424)
Envelopes with the Grange Emblem
Grange 3rd Dues Blanks (418)
3rd dues notice for members
Grange Dues Notice Reminder (415)
Dues notification reminder for members
Grange Suspension Notice (419)
Final dues/suspension notice
Grange 5th Degree Demit (412)
5th degree demit blank form
Grange Stationary (422)
Stationery with the Grange emblem
The Grange and You (509)
An overview of the Grange and the first 4 degrees - a certificate of membership
Grange 2nd Dues Envelope (417)
2nd notice two-way mailer
Grange Binder
Grange Binder 1-inch binder with Grange emblem
Grange Sympathy Cards (471)
Inside Text: "In this time of sorrow, your Grange friends offer their thoughts and prayers to comfort you and bring you peace."
Grange Treasurer Receipt Book (437)
Carbonless receipts issued by treasurer to the secretary
Grange Secretary's Order to the Treasurer (435)
Carbonless forms to authorize payments from the Grange treasury (50 sets per book)
Grange 4th Degree Demit (411)
4th degree demit blank form
Grange Worksheet Minutes (463)
Individual sheets for minutes
Grange Extra Sheets (458)
Sheets for the individual member record book
Grange Greeting Cards (474)
Mixed set of cards including: Thinking of You, Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations and Wedding. Was $5.00 for a set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes. Final markdown price $2.50 for a set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes.
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